The cuisine to expect when dining at the Moosewood

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The Moosewood is one of the top restaurants in the Ithaca area. It serves some of the best vegetarian food in the entire country, and has won several awards and been mentioned in notable publications that focus on cooking.

The Moosewood is so respected not just because it cooks great vegetarian food, but because it cooks great food period. With such delicious dishes as Indian Potato Salad and Hot & Sour Stir-Fry, there is no wonder that vegetarians and meat eaters Read the rest of this entry »

What type of food does Maxie’s Southern Comfort serve

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Are you planning a trip to the area of Ithaca, New York in the near future? If so, then you will want to make sure that you stop in at Maxie’s Southern Comfort while you are there. After all, this is by far one of the most popular restaurants in the area, and regardless of what your specific tastes are when it comes to food, you can be sure to find something delicious there.

Specifically, Maxie’s Southern Comfort specializes in the types of foods that warm the soul. This includes anything from fried Read the rest of this entry »

A lakefront restaurant that the whole family can dine

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Ithaca has a wide variety of restaurants for the entire family. Heights Caf and Grill is a popular destination because of the affordable menu and the spectacular food. You can get a soothing lunch consisting of BBQ chicken or ribs, or you can wait until evening and get a meal with the family. There is a bar. Most of the seasonings on the meats are made in the kitchen. If you need a quick fix in the morning, Collegetown Bagels is the right spot. It is a small caf that serves fresh Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Securing Your Small Business

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Small restaurants don’t last long in Ithaca due to a number of factors. Poor performance, minimal attendance and, of course, the element of crime. In this day and age, it’s so hard for small business owners and restaurant entrepreneurs to secure their operations.

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up your dream and if you have a restaurant you’re trying to run, you’re going to need to secure it. Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Contact a home security provider. It might sound silly to contact a HOME security provider for your BUSINESS but some of the best around like Quortek Security provide security to more than just homes and they could help you out.

2. Extensive background checks on all employees. Usually this goes without saying, but some small businesses can have a tendency to skimp on this step. You don’t want to do that when it comes to your restaurant. Make sure you know the people you trust to lock up.

3. Make sure the restaurant is empty. When it comes closing time, do a final sweep of the entire area to make sure everyone is gone. That includes the restroom stalls. Some burglars have been known to hide out in the restrooms until it’s all clear.

Merchandise you can purchase at the Moosewood

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The Moosewood in Ithaca has been serving some of the finest natural food and vegetarian cuisine in the country since its inception in 1973. This restaurant has been hailed as a pioneer in the new frontier of restaurant food by leading cooking magazines. The Moosewood changes its menu every day to offer the finest, freshest food available in season, drawing food lovers from across the region looking to try its unique take on fine dining.

In addition to its acclaimed restaurant, Moosewood also has a store that sells a variety of merchandise, particularly Read the rest of this entry »

Entrees served at the Simeon’s on the Commons

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A wonderful dining choice in Ithaca New York is at Simeon’s on the Commons. They serve delicious entrees of steak, a large variety of burgers, and even seafood to please your pallet. Perhaps grilled salmon or pulled pork would be the entree that you are looking forward to; you’ll find it made uniquely at Simeon’s.

While in Ithaca, you might also try some of the other great restaurants that also offer delicious choices. You might choose the Boatyard Grill on the water for a delicious meal or you may want to satisfy your taste buds by Read the rest of this entry »

Parties and events at The Boatyard Grill

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When you’re looking for that special place in Ithaca New York to hold your special party or event, consider The Boatyard Grill. They will make your event one that you will remember forever. They offer a beautiful waterfront view that all of your guests will find pleasing.

No matter what type of event you have, be it a wedding, a work party or that birthday party for someone special, your event will be spectacular. This is the perfect place for your holiday parties too. The Boatyard Grill can accommodate up to 150 people comfortably and their Read the rest of this entry »

Just A Taste: Taste Of The Spanish Tradition

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Sometimes all people need is a taste to get a true love for Spanish tradition. The meals are something that take your breath away. This is just the power of a good batch of ingredients. Spanish restaurants are getting a lot of love because there is so much passion in these restaurants.

The chef for any Spanish restaurant is filled with a love for cooking dishes. They are not just working a job. They want to please your taste buds. This is why Read the rest of this entry »

The Boatyard Grill: Casual Waterfront Restaurant

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The Boatyard Grill is located on an inlet of Lake Cayuga in Ithaca, New York. With its boatyard decor, and gorgeous waterfront views of the inlet and lake, it is a perfect choice for a romantic night out or a family dinner. Boat owners can dock on the pier just outside the restaurant which makes The Boatyard Grill a convenient eating destination for boaters and motorists alike. There is an outdoor deck which provides not only a view, but live entertainment on Friday nights in the summer months. Read the rest of this entry »